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Children not yet three years old by August 1st but by December 1st (and toilet trained) up to age five, are eligible for preschool in the multi-age classroom. This program is a mixed-ages setting with an emphasis on self discovery, independent free choice, large group activities and a detailed worksheet curriculum for older preschoolers in preparation for Kindergarten.


Kindergarten prep

The Kindergarten Prep program is for the child not quite ready for kindergarten. Kindergarten activities and worksheets are used but not as fast or as often as in the full kindergarten program.


This program is generally for children turning five years old by August 1st, but we will consider taking children who don't meet the deadline after careful consideration among the staff. Kindergarteners are housed in the same suite with Kindergarten II, effectively creating another mixed-ages setting.


Our Kindergarten II program is for the child not quite ready for First Grade. This is an entirely different curriculum from Kindergarten and pulls down from many First Grade concepts. Typically, children who complete our K and K II programs are the highest performers in our First and Second grades.


First Grade

Children age six years old by August 1st are eligible for First Grade. We always take into account each individual child's special abilities, experiences, and talents and, if necessary, introduce advanced work. We customize each child's curriculum to meet their needs and, more importantly, allow the child to excel by moving beyond state standards. The low student to teacher ratio in this setting allows an accelerated curriculum to be used as well as work on multiple individual and class projects.



Children who complete our First Grade program are eligible for Second Grade. These students are not limited to following state standards, but are encouraged to advance as far as they are able despite their age/grade level. Most students are able to pull down from Third and Fourth grade concepts as well as work on and complete highly detailed projects outside the curriculum. This is the most unique program in that each student has their own customized curriculum because of their ability to work on concepts far above their grade level. 

We are extremely proud of our First and Second grade programs and have achieved phenomenal results. Please feel free to speak with us about specific details.