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2726 Lynn Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN, 46805
United States

Monthly Units



The centers within our environment change approximately every two to three weeks. We present new materials and games every Monday and Wednesday to ensure our activities and learning opportunities consistently evolve throughout the year. This is a point of pride for us as we strive to continually engage our students with fresh perspectives and ideas.

Our monthly themes are designed to enhance the curriculum with seasonal activities, games and art projects:


September: You are Special at Home and at School
October: Fall & People in our Community
November: Health & Nutrition
December: How Peoples of the World Spend Their Holidays 
January: Winter & Our Five Senses 
February: Children From All Over the World
March: Our Emotions
April: Spring & Transportation and Communication
May: The Good Old U.S.A. (Farm Week, Ranch Week, Hawaii Week)